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SHARM EL SHEIKH EGYPT GUIDE (Resorts, Hotels, Diving)

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Sharm Beaches

Location of Sharm : Map

Basic Information About Sharm el Sheikh

Location of Sharm el Sheikh is on the Southeast of the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. This beautiful area is between the mountains of Mount Sinai and the Red Sea on the other. It is known as jewel of the Sinai. Its history going back several thousands of years. Sharm el Skeikh is very attractive as a resort that has high quality of hotels, nature/water sports and golf courses. The Red Sea is great for scuba diving, snorkeling and family fun. Sharm el Skeikh is one of Egypt's popular holiday destinations.


There is a Sharm el Skeikh map drawing on the left. And exact locator by Google Maps is below.


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Happy Sharm Diver :) Happy Sharm Diver :)

Sharm's Colourful Underwater Life Sharm's Colourful Underwater Life

The Red Sea for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

There are incredible scenes underwater. There are Most of divers and photographers visits Egypt just for this scenes.


Click here to see more photos, and to read more details.


Click here to download Google Earth placemark (kmz file) for diving places.


Here is the list of the diving / dipping places of Sharm.
  • Pinky Wall / Barrier
  • Tower
  • Sodfa
  • Race to Katy
  • Temple
  • Race to Umm Sid
  • Paradise
  • Turtle Bay
  • Amphoras

You can find detailed explantions and GPS coordinates of




Sharm-el-Sheikh beach One of Wonderful Sharm-el Sheikh Beach

Sharm-el-Sheikh Grand Rotana Hotel Grand Rotana (5 Star) B&B from £469


The Hotels of Sharm el Skeikh

You can find very cheap (from $9, yes!) and very luxury hotels with well designed beaches.

You don't need to be a rich sheikh for an egyptian dream. There is lots of possibilities for every budget.

Aparts, villas and camping places are other attractive holiday choices.

Before choosing your hotel, we recommend you to see the HISTORICAL SITES page, you find Google Earth placemark of Mount Sinai and you can learn more about antic Egyptian kings, and why they construct such inbleivable Pyramides. You shouls see the photos of them before you go. And your feeling of mystery will be higher.

Click to see for more information and photos for accomodation at Sharm el Sheikh.

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