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egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Amenophis IV

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Great Temple of Ramses II

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Antic Egyptian Wall Figure

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history King Menes

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Memphis Sphinx

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Mentuhotep

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Phraoh Khufu Cheops

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Amenophis III

egypt-sharm-el-skeikh-history Abu Simbel

Ancient Egypt, Historical / Politics and about Mount Sinai

During in the paleolithic the today's desert of Egypt fruitfully and inhabited was, later the population due to climatic changes was forced to settle close of the Nile. At this time the impressive history of Egypt began. King Menes is considered as a realm founder of upper and under Egypt. The first capital of this realm was Memphis. With Saqqara a monumental grave plant was established. In the south Abydos was religious and political center. As this time the Egyptian writing was trained. In the old person realm (approx. 2.640-2.200 B.C.) the first pyramid was built, the step pyramide of Djoser with Saqqara. The time in that the architectural master achievements of the Egyptians developed, began. The tyrannic ruler Cheops let 146 m establish in the today's urban district of Cairo Giza a high pyramid. Besides further pyramids and the sphinx developed. Obelisk developed in the fifth dynasty as holy sun performer.


Around 2.160 B.C. the realm broke again in upper and under Egypt. In the middle realm (approx. 2.040-1.650 B.C. ) Mentuhotep united the countries upper and under Egyptian again. An economic bloom time began. Again commercial expeditions were sent after Punt (probably that today Somalia). The realm borders were extended and secured (Sinai, Nubien). In 19. and 18. Century B.C. experienced Egypt a flowering trade, a large political stability and religious advancement. Center 17. Century B.C. broke in weakened and torn State of stranger of peoples in one then by rapid ruler changes. The Hyksos governed Egypt as "foreign countries", to it in 15. Century were back-floated.


With the establishment of the new realm (approx. 1.551-1.070 B.C. ) one began artistically large epoch for Egypt culturally and of new. During the regency of rulers such as Amenophis I and Thutmosis I were created scientific and artistic characteristics. At this time also the valley of the kings developed as new funeral place west of Thebes. For lack of other successors the queen governed Hatchepsut over two decades. At its dead temple impressively a further expedition is into the Incense Punt described. Among their successors the Egyptians penetrated into the asiatic area and crossed the Euphrates. In the connection with diplomatic fate marrying were arranged; under Amenophis III indescribable wealth prevailed. Many large buildings were established.


Amenophis IV, the later "Echnaton", introduced the Monotheismus and changed the artistic representation by introduction of realism. But already soon the various God world was again introduced. Under field gentleman and later Pharaoh the Haremhab the corrupt administration was reformed. Pharaoh Ramses II innumerable architectural monuments established later, like the colossal temple of Abu Simbel. After the famous Hethiter battle, regarding which the Egyptian army went down nearly, the peoples reconciled themselves. In the following time Egypt was shaken particularly by always new attacks of strange peoples, so that the Egyptian realm faded in the eleventh and tenth century slowly. In the end (approx. 600 -332 B.C. ) if Egypt became first from the Persian, then of the Ptolemaic under Alexander the large one controls (Greek time). In this time also Alexandria was created. Subsequently, Egypt fell to the Romans, who prevailed from approximately 30 B.C. to about 395 A.D. in Egypt.


With the introduction of the Christianity in Rome also Egypt was christianize, and Alexandria became a bishop city. After the decay of the Roman realm Egypt belonged to the east realm Byzantium. At this time the country was strongly exploited. In the future governed Caliph, Mamluk and the Ottoman the country. In addition, Napoleon and the Albanian Muhammad Ali held a certain time power in Egypt. In 19. Century A.D. was finished placed the Suez channel, which became the most important water way of the region. The financial fall of Egypt led to an enormous British influence. 1953 became Egypt a republic under the president Abd el Nassr and Sadat. First with Soviet structure means supported, Sadat approached however soon the west. In the six-day war between Egypt and Israel first the entire Sinai of Israel was annex. With the peace treaties of 1977 and 1979, in which the Sinai was returned at Egypt, Israel and Egypt approached again on. However the other Arab states dissociated themselves from Egypt. The country still plays a large role with the Middle East peace efforts.


Egypt Economics / Religion


Economics the agriculture of the country produces above all cotton, whereby the necessary irrigation of the fields involves large problems, since the Nile level sinks gradually. Beyond that management of the fields artificial fertilizers must be inserted since the establishment of the Aswan dam with that, since the natural Nile mud is held back by the dam. Under president Mubarak was led up to this time the planned economy aligned to Soviet model into a western, open strategy. The Suez channel and above all also the tourism are large motto bringer of the country. The notices of Islamic fundamentalists in the 90's-years caused large damage to the tourism industry of Egypt. Religion the state religion of Egypt is the Islam, which determines the daily life in Egypt. Over 90 per cent of the Egyptians Muslims are, Christians come on scarcely 6 per cent. The strong influence of the Islam on the public life in Egypt shows up also in the quite high prices for alcohol and at the reduced public life during the Ramadans.



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About Mount Sinai (i.e Mount Musa or Jabal Musa)

Mount Sinai Orthodox Chapel
Mount Sinai Orthodox Chapel (it is on the of the mountain)

You can visit also the biblical mountain Mount Sinai or with the other names : Jabal Musa, Gebel Musa, Mount of Musa.

Here is google earth placemark for Mount Sinai :

Google Eath Placemark for Mount Sinai of Bible

Click here to download Google Earth placemark (kmz file) for Mount Sinai of Bible.

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