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Egypt Wild Cat: Caracal Egyptian Wild Cat: Caracal

Fennex Fox, Egypt Fennex Fox (also new popular pet)

Red Sea Fish A Red Sea Fish

Pharaoh Hound Pharaoh Hound

Egypt, Vegetation


The vegetation in Egypt is essentially limited to the Nile valley, the Nile delta and the oases. The most common tree species is the date palm. Besides there are native kinds such as mulberry tree, acacias, Tamarisk, Johannisbrot tree and imported kinds such as cypress, mimosa or eucalyptus. In the dry regions one finds Halfagras and kinds of thorn bush. Along the Nile stand eucalyptus tree and reed. Papyrus and Lotus are to be found only isolated. Particularly in the fruitful delta area and in the Nile valley grow among other things. Vegetable, wine and flowers. Cultivated useful plants are cotton, grain and rice, sugar cane and fodder clover. At the point of the Sinai peninsula a mangrove area was placed under protection.


Egypt, Animal World


Egypt exhibits few game animal species because of the dry climate only. About 100 different fish types live in the Nile and in the lakes of the delta area. The diversity of species is in the Nile decreased/went back, very much increased the cat wels. In the lakes are many freshwater fish, are particularly beautifully the Africa colorful bass in the Nassr lake. Nile crocodile live in the Nassr lake and can become meters long up to three. Hippopotamus are not to be seen no more. In the Red Sea is a rich underwater world with coral, parrot fish and the jewel grouper. Also sharks and skates live here. Dromedary, donkeys, cattle and water buffalos are common utilizable animals. One sees pigeon houses frequent. In the desert areas live desert foxes, jackal, stripe hyena and gazelle. On the Sinai some few leopards touch by desert and mountains. With approximately 300 different kinds Egypt offers a large diversity of species with the birds. In addition belong the silver aigrette, pelican, flamingo, quail and snipe. One sees the white cow heron on the Nile banks most frequent. Among the domestic grab birds eagles, falcon, Milan and bus pool of broadcasting corporations rank. In the spring much migratory birds come to Egypt, which make stopover here on their flight into still more southern realm.

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